Abbey Bominable™



Killer Style:

Fur. It is practical for the blending in and the showing off. My special ice crystal I also wear for the perpetuating of bodily coldness of my home.

Freaky Flaw:

I am lacking in the tact. At altitude, talking is an oxygen waste so words are pointed. I am often puncturing the feelings here down below. I am not wishing to fill others with the sadness but sometimes I do. Also I am cold, both in the touching and being touched.

Favorite Color:

Ice Blue

Favorite Food:

The cheese of the yak and pancakes.

Biggest Pet Peave:

The ritual of the dating. I do not understand the trapping of the boy with the bait of seems to me not honorable.

Favorite Activity:

Boarding on the snow is maxed out totally to the awesome.

Favorite School Subject:

Math. Numbers are the mountain beneath the snow.

Least Fav. School Subject:



Shiver™ is my wooly mammoth. Her feelings being the kind not so easily punctured.


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