Deuce Gorgon™

Son of Medusa



Killer Style:

I really love casketball and ...well, which is a secret I wouldn't tell a soul.

Freaky Flaw:

I have to wear sunglasses to keep from turning my friends to stone. It only lasts 24 hours but I still hate accidentally causing a friend to rock out.

Favorite Color:

Neon green

Favorite Food:

Greek Monster Fusion-it's my own creation.

Biggest Pet Peave:

People who annoy me.

Favorite Activity:

Playing casketball and cooking.

Favorite School Subject:

Culinary Arts-(see below)

Least Fav. School Subject:

Culinary Arts-I pretend to hate it but it's really the best class at Monster High.


Perseus™ is my two-tailed rat named for an ancient Greek warrior mom knew. She doesn't think it's funny.


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