Holt Hyde™


16...I think

Killer Style:

My style is on fire baby! No really, I literally have flames leaping off my body. I'm like my own light show. I also have this smokin' yin-yang symbol tattooed on my back and of course I never go anywhere without my headphones 'cause you never know when a beat will blaze up.

Freaky Flaw:

I've got a bad temper. It's not something I'm proud of but every once in a while it flares up and I have to spend a lot of time apologizing for it. I also have a hard time remembering some things.

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:

Hot wings. I like 'em hot enough to make a dragon cry.

Biggest Pet Peave:

Having to listen to boring music. Seriously, if music can't transform you it ain't nothing but static.

Favorite Activity:

Creating new monster music mixes. I love it when my tunes come alive and I can get all the monsters in the house out on the dance floor.

Favorite School Subject:

Music theory. Hey, I didn't get good at this by being lucky. I study and practice my flames off to be the best.

Least Fav. School Subject:

Anything without a beat.


Crossfade™, a chameleon. He's the best pet ever 'cause change never bothers him and he totally digs my music.


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