Toralei Stripe™


15 - but I'm still on the first of my nine lives.

Killer Style:

I purrfer fashions that accentuate my natural feline grace while adding just enough spikiness in my accessories to say, "I don't come when I'm called."

Freaky Flaw:

Purrhaps I could be faulted for my fascination with the claw of cause and effect...or not. I suppose it all depends on whether or not you're the monster being affected.

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:

Milk shakes and anchovies. Separately, not mixed together.

Biggest Pet Peave:

I don't like being rubbed the wrong way.

Favorite Activity:

It's either taking a nap or waking up from a nap and immediately taking another one.

Favorite School Subject:

Drama. My ability to purrfectly mimic another monster's voice or accent makes this the purrfect class for me.

Least Fav. School Subject:

Math. It brings back unpleasant memories.


Sweet Fang is my pet saber-tooth tiger cub. She's much more cuddly than I am.


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